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Breaking Language Barriers: aiOla’s Efficiency in Multilingual Teams

Having a multilingual workforce comes with a particular set of benefits and drawbacks. While it’s unavoidable for some businesses, especially those who operate multiple international locations, it can make things difficult when it comes to running operations efficiently.

Some work processes, such as data collection, work best when they’re streamlined. That means that the process for collecting data should be the same no matter the location or language. However, where things get complicated is when workers use multiple languages for the same process, making it difficult to quickly gather and analyze global data without translating or processing it.

Cutting-edge AI technology like aiOla is helping businesses break those language barriers and empowering them to get back to focusing on work without having to worry about language and data accuracy. Let’s break down the implications of a multilingual workforce a little further and learn how aiOla is at the forefront of enabling efficient multilingual operations.

Benefits of a multilingual workforce

According to a survey, there is a growing need for workers who speak foreign languages in the US. Many companies are realizing the benefits of having a multilingual workforce and are seeking out employees who can speak more than one language. Having a multilingual workforce comes with its advantages, such as:

  • Improved communication: Communicate more effectively with customers from various backgrounds to help break language barriers and improve relationships
  • Better customer service: With multiple languages on your team, your business can offer better customer service to clients who speak foreign languages
  • Wider pool of global resources: Multilingual teams stem from different cultural backgrounds, making your team more diverse and creating international market potential
  • Enhanced creativity: Workers from different backgrounds may also have different points of view, which can lead to more creative brainstorming and business solutions

The Challenges of Using Multiple Languages in a Business

While the benefits of having a multilingual workforce are definitely worthwhile, it also comes with its own set of unique challenges. Improving customer relations through the use of multiple languages is a huge advantage, but when it comes to internal operations and data collection, the use of different languages can lead to confusion or a lack of efficiency. Let’s take a look at how this might happen.

Lower data accuracy

Whether you require teams spread out internationally to input data in one universal language or allow them to input it in their native language, you’re inevitably losing out on potentially valuable information. When a worker completes a task, operation, or workflow in a language that isn’t their mother tongue, this can lower data accuracy, which can ultimately affect key business decisions.

Spending resources on translation

With multilingual teams, you’re likely spending time and money on things like language learning or translation. Not only that, but industry jargon can prove difficult to translate accurately, making it tricky to extract reliable data from foreign languages.

Streamlining multilingual teams

When teams are spread out across the globe, having streamlined processes and operations is essential. However, when those teams rely on different languages to get the job done, communication between teams can become confusing and inefficient. 

Real-time communication is lost

When teams need to translate internal messaging, real-time communication is limited, if not lost entirely. Some processes require clear and instant communication, which can be made more difficult when multiple languages are involved.

Avoid Losing Important Multilingual Data With aiOla

To help prevent your business from turning into a Tower of Babel, aiOla has developed proprietary and patented speech-powered AI technology that makes gathering data quick, simple, and easy. With aiOla, you can gather data in over 100 languages and in any industry jargon. This means that no matter where your team is working, data is never lost and it’s syndicated among all the different locations and languages that make up your business.

Capturing language isn’t the only important thing to work processes, and aiOla understands that. As the majority of language spoken in a business is specific to that industry, there hasn’t been an AI speech-driven technology that was able to capture that jargon in any accent. That’s where aiOla steps in.

With its speech technology, aiOla is helping businesses in multiple fields become more efficient, cut down on human error, and save on costs and resources. aiOla helps companies in different fields optimize their workflows, for example:

  • Food industry inspectors can cut down on filling out manual forms with aiOla’s technology. For food companies with branches or manufacturing locations spread out in multiple locations, this means that the time spent on inspections and operations is reduced and data coming from each inspection is also streamlined, even when in a foreign language.
  • Delivery and logistics teams operate worldwide and rely on multilingual teams to complete their work. By leveraging aiOla’s AI technology, logistics teams can capture real-time data in multiple languages to prevent bottlenecks or delays in their service.

aiOla empowers your teams to work in their native languages and ensures you don’t miss out on data or productivity. With teams using the same tech, processes, and workflows around the world coupled with aiOla’s speech technology, you can ensure that they’re collaborating efficiently. Additionally, you can rest assured that the data you collect from all your teams in various languages is as accurate as possible and that you’re not missing any pertinent information.

Efficiency Beyond Language Barriers

Language presents a barrier only when it’s not dealt with properly. There’s no reason to shy away from a multilingual workforce as it can be both empowering for your employees and helpful to your customers. Instead, finding a way to work with multiple languages can make a significant difference in your business’s productivity and success.

aiOla helps you break through those barriers so that your business can use languages to thrive. With the right hands-free speech technology in place, your employees can focus on their work while ensuring important data still gets captured in the process.