Breaking: aiOla Surpasses OpenAI's Whisper


Breaking News: VentureBeat Reports aiOla Surpasses OpenAI's Whisper in Jargon Recognition!


We Are aiOla

The Power of Speech in Action

We are on a mission to make speech workable and to optimize critical industry-specific processes anywhere with complete accuracy. Our patented technology is multilingual, recognizes jargon, abbreviations and acronyms, and is error-free, even in noisy settings.

aiOla's vision is nothing short of a transformational shift in the way we perceive and interact with artificial intelligence.

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Our goal is to democratize human intelligence globally through the power of speech - a feat that has long eluded the industry. But for us, breaking this barrier was not just a technological challenge, it was a strategic imperative. With aiOla, the future of AI is already here.

Amir Haramaty, CEO & Co-founder, aiOla
Amir Haramaty
Quarter aiOla Loop
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Our Leadership Circle

Our esteemed leadership team, with over 50% female management, boasts over 500 years of combined experience and comprises exceptional individuals from academia and business. With a proven track record of leading and building successful companies, our team is equipped to pioneer the future of AI beyond even the most ambitious expectations.

Amir Haramaty
Chief Executive Officer
Amir Haramaty
Alon Peleg
Chief operating Officer
Alon Peleg
Eyal Porat
Eyal Porat
Jolene Amit
Chief Marketing Officer
Jolene Amit
Meytal Fine
VP Business Solutions
Meytal Fine
VP Product
Adi Kleiman
Yossi Keshet
Chief Scientist
Prof. Yossi Keshet

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