aiOla is the first product that speaks your business’ language

We’ve created a better way to get work done.

Business processes require at least 50% of industry language, such as jargon and acronyms, to complete safely, accurately, and successfully. No existing speech tool has been able to understand this type of language… that is, until now.

aiOla's Speech AI product
ASRU2 Loops

Introducing ASRU2

aiOla’s proprietary and patented technology combines natural language understanding (NLU) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) to accomplish what was once impossible: turning speech into structured data and automating workflows across all industries.

Our Solution

Understands 100+ languages
Filters through noise and focuses on signals
Understands industry-specific terms
Captures all data
Generates insights
Helps complete mission critical tasks
Expedites workflows with complete accuracy
Compatible with all devices and operating systems
Discerns any accents
Supports collaboration on-site and globally
Integrates seamlessly with existing technology
Prevents manual errors
Maximizes safety
Able to customize triggers
Notifies workers of exceptions
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How It Works

Complete critical processes through speech in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, logistics and transportation, aviation, defense, and more.

aiOla VaviconComplete simple and complex task lists by speech
aiOla VaviconGo hands-free, paperless and tabletless
aiOla VaviconWorkers can speak out of order without affecting the process
aiOla VaviconThe operator may be interrupted or use irrelevant language without affecting the process
aiOla VaviconConduct timely inspections, audits, inventory analysis and surveillance
aiOla VaviconPerform workflows without extra training or hard-to-learn software installation
aiOla VaviconEnsure compliance and regulatory requirements are met
aiOla VaviconMake “safety-first” a feasible reality both for your workers and customers
aiOla VaviconWorkers can keep their hands free and eyes on machinery without interruptions
aiOla VaviconSet access control measures at any operational stage of your business
aiOla VaviconAll data remains within your company and is never transferred or stored
aiOla VaviconReceive real-time and instant escalation alerts whenever necessary
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The aiOla Effect

Simply start speaking. Once you do, you’ll never stop.


A Seamless Addition

aiOla doesn’t alter any of your current processes - it simply complements and digitizes them without disrupting your existing tech stack. aiOla integrates with existing technologies, CRMs, ERPs, and any cloud platform in use.

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An Empowered Workforce

With minimal training required, any employee, anywhere, is empowered to complete their tasks in their native language. With more time to focus on high-level tasks, you gain a satisfied team with decreased risk of turnover.


A Connected Organization

Go behind the scenes of everything happening. Connect data points across global borders to identify trends and capture otherwise unstructured speech data to benefit from analytics and real-time insights.

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Expand Your Intelligence Loop

Transform spoken workflows into structured data to access:

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Trends and recommendations

Expedited production

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Downtime and system exceptions


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Patented, Workflow-Enhancing Tech

Our AI pioneers have developed game-changing technology to break the speech barrier, enabling accurate and usable speech technology.


Automatic speech recognition with a patented jargon language model: aiOla understands unique business language and jargon that’s specific to your company and industry.


Hypernetwork architecture for keyword spotting: aiOla discerns keywords within your workflows. You also gain the ability to fully customize activation terminology, such as: ‘start workflow’ to initiate the algorithm and process.


Combining models by improving predictions of automatic speech recognition: aiOla combines ASR + NLU to decode speech allowing us to accurately decipher between unrelated speech, such as “Hi Tom, how was your weekend?” and the workflow in progress.

Words = Action with aiOla

aiOla understands 100+ languages, any accents, in all acoustic environments, so your words can do the work. Boost your operations today!