Meet Aiola

A super powerful virtual analyst that helps SALESMARKETINGTRADEPLANNING managers in CPG make better data-driven decisions in order to maximize performance.

A virtual analyst with deep CPG domain expertise

Aiola has a deep understanding of the CPG ecosystem, providing domain-specific advanced analytics and accurate forecasts that make a real impact on your bottom line

Work with Aiola in a truly collaborative environment

Collaborate with colleagues like never before by integrating Aiola, your virtual assistant, using your native dialogue medium, e.g. Slack, Microsoft Teams

Ongoing aggregation and utilization of Organization Intelligence

Aiola interacts with users to collect Organizational Intelligence - undocumented data - to provide deeper insights, improve forecasts and share previously unavailable knowledge across the organization


Trade Promotion Optimization

Boost your ROI by analyzing which promotions will maximize KPIs of your choice

Product Innovation

Learn about what’s trending and gain insights into past launches in order to successfully push new products into the market

Market Share Analysis

Analyze growth opportunities and gain insights regarding the competitive landscape

Sales Planning

Build budgets based on accurate forecasts and key insights

Our Partners


Erez Raanan

Co-founder, CEO

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Guy Ernest

Co-founder, Chief Engineering Officer

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Anat Assaf

VP Operations & People

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Amit Manna

Director of Product

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Yuval Lavi

Head of Partnerships & Strategic projects

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Guy Yachdav, PhD

Client Delivery Director

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Data Engineer


M.Sc. Computer Science/ Information Systems Student