Automate Data Capturing
Through Speech

At aiOla, we’ve broken the speech barrier for businesses to complete any process in any language, accent, acoustic environment, or industrial jargon - completely hands-free and paperless!

The Power of Speech in Action

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Reduce time spent on operational processes using our patented speech solution

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Enable your employees to keep their eyes on the equipment at all times with our hands-free solution

Work Smarter


aiOla's generated data and AI models provide a constant stream of insights, trend spotting, and analytics

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Gather data in real-time across multiple global teams and locations in over 100 languages

Why aiOla?

  • Industry-Specific

    Understands industry-specific jargon and vocabulary with over 95% accuracy that traditional and off-the-shelf speech solutions cannot discern.
  • Data-Centric

    Eliminates manual, error-prone processes by collecting data accurately, turning otherwise uncaptured data into actionable results.
  • Secure

    Works with your existing tech stack and can be implemented however you choose, leaving all sensitive data in your business' hands at all times.
  • Time-Saver

    Increases uptime by shortening processes and increasing accuracy, saving countless hours through automation.
  • Interoperable

    Integrates with any existing technologies, CRM, ERP system, or cloud platform you already use without disrupting your existing tech stack.
  • Easy-to-Use

    Onboards quickly with a simple process, little to no learning curve, and an easy-to-use platform.

With industry-specific knowledge, aiOla can help industries including:

  • Food & Beverage Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical
  • Oil & Gas/Energy Oil & Gas/Energy
  • Logistics & Transportation Logistics & Transportation
  • Aviation Aviation
  • Defense Defense

aiOla's Impact

  • 30% increase in production uptime
  • 45% decrease in inspection time
  • 90% reduction of manual operations

aiOla puts the power of words in action. Work smarter, collaborate cross-location, and utilize accurate insights to achieve ROI.