Breaking: aiOla Surpasses OpenAI's Whisper


Breaking News: VentureBeat Reports aiOla Surpasses OpenAI's Whisper in Jargon Recognition!


aiOla is seeking a Data Engineering Team Leader to become a part of our team.

This presents an exceptional opportunity to join aiOla during its scaling phase and contribute significantly to our growth and success. As a fast-evolving, product-led startup, we are committed to revolutionizing efficiency, intelligence, collaboration, and safety with our unique speech AI technology. Supported by substantial investments from leading venture capitalists, including New Era Capital Partners and Hamilton Lane, we are strategically positioned to create a profound impact in the industry.

As the Data Engineering Team Leader at aiOla, you will be responsible for leading and managing our Data Engineering team, overseeing all aspects of data management, and driving the development of robust, efficient data pipelines. Collaborate with cross-functional teams in Data Science, Backend Development, Project Management, and DevOps to advance our projects and promote the adoption of aiOla’s solutions. Reporting to the Director of Data Engineering, your leadership and proactive involvement will be key in achieving our strategic objectives.

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