Creating a Pragmatic Approach to Speech AI with aiOla

Speech AI is breaking new ground to become a more reliable and accurate solution for companies to collect critical data and streamline work processes. However, this wasn’t always the case.

Until quite recently, many speech AI solutions were considered unreliable due to the low accuracy of data outputs. However, with the introduction and combination of new speech technologies, speech AI leaders like aiOla are changing the way professionals view these solutions.

This blog post will explore the nuances of aiOla’s pragmatic approach to speech AI, looking at how our system addresses traditional speech solution challenges to break barriers.

Why Speech AI?

Speech AI refers to various technologies that facilitate communication between man and machine. Speech AI technologies enable machines to understand, process, and even generate human speech. Technologies like speech recognition, voice recognition, interactive voice response systems, and speech-to-text transcription services all rely on speech AI.

Since speech is the most natural way we communicate, AI technologies in this space are making giant strides in the way we capture data. In most cases, speech data is left uncaptured and unstructured, leaving a lot of important data behind in the workspace. For many reasons, as we’ll see below, speech data has been avoided, but with new and emerging technologies like aiOla, that’s set to change.

The Data & Accuracy Challenge

One of the main roadblocks for widespread speech AI adoption across different verticals is the data accuracy challenge. For the most part, AI speech technology hasn’t been very historically reliable, and when businesses rely on data for critical decision-making, accurate data is essential. 

Many off-the-shelf big-name speech solutions don’t offer more than 60% accuracy, making them great for personal use but unreliable for business purposes. There are several reasons why speech data is often less reliable, such as:

  • Background noises interfering with speech detection accuracy
  • Different dialects and accents that divert from standard language models
  • A lack of context in speech makes it difficult for AI to decipher language
  • Words considered jargon can also be difficult to understand without context
  • Speech AI systems need to be able to adapt to different speakers’ tones and styles
  • Data privacy and security are concerns when it comes to storing and processing speech

It takes time to address each one of these challenges in order to further develop speech AI technologies to where they need to be in terms of accuracy. However, as technology continues to advance at breakneck speeds, so do speech systems, which is where aiOla has emerged to fill in the gaps.

The aiOla Difference: Breaking the Speech Barrier

Unlike many off-the-shelf speech solutions, aiOla has invested time and resources into using existing AI technologies to address many of the challenges this technology faces. Furthermore, the combination of certain technologies, like natural language understanding (NLU) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) is what makes aiOla stand out from the crowd.

Through the combination of NLU and ASR, aiOla has developed a patented technology that aids in spotting keywords and industry-specific jargon. This enables aiOla’s AI-powered speech platform to understand speech and jargon with unprecedented accuracy. Not only that but aside from industry jargon, aiOla can also:

  • Understand over 100 languages
  • Decipher speech in almost any dialect or accent
  • Cut through noise in any acoustic environment
  • Integrate into any existing data management or backend system

With its ability to filter out background noises and capture data through speech in almost any language or jargon, aiOla sets itself apart from not only off-the-shelf solutions but also other industry competitors. aiOla’s platform has helped companies across various industries achieve a 30% increase in production time along with a 90% reduction in manual operations, helping them cut costs along the way.

With aiOla’s speech AI solutions, companies can utilize speech AI in new and innovative ways, helping them collect mission-critical data, optimize operations and processes, and implement workflow automation all just by speaking.

Turning Words Into Actions

The future of speech AI is promising, with technologies like aiOla at the forefront of groundbreaking change in the field. Speech AI enables companies of any size or background to reap the multiple benefits of this technology, making it more accessible and usable compared to other AI solutions. 

With aiOla, your team can turn words into actions with little-to-no onboarding or implementation downtime, ensuring your existing workflow isn’t disrupted, but enhanced. More than that, our system’s unprecedented accuracy ensures that the speech data you collect can be trusted when it comes to making high-level decisions, making aiOla an indispensable business tool.

Convert Words Into Actions
With aiOla, your team can turn words into actions with little-to-no onboarding or implementation downtime.