aiOla Named as One of 2023’s Top Tech Startups

We’re excited and honored to announce that we’ve been named one of 2023’s Top Tech Startups by Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive, highlighting the top software and technology startups in the supply chain and logistics space. 

The distinction was awarded to startups that are implementing platforms and tools that use artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and smart data capture. Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive looked at how these technologies were impacting supply chain businesses. “The future of the supply chain industry is now,” says Marina Mayer, editor-in-chief of Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

There’s a good reason why aiOla was mentioned as one of the top tech startups. At aiOla, we’re creating a new future for how businesses can accomplish everyday tasks and mission-critical processes. Furthermore, as an innovator in the speech AI space, aiOla is leading the charge on how voice is used in the workplace. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what makes aiOla stand out from the rest.

Convert Words Into Actions
With aiOla, your team can turn words into actions with little-to-no onboarding or implementation downtime.

What Is aiOla?

Before looking at the technology that led us to be named as a Top Tech Startup for 2023, let’s first examine what aiOla is, who we are, and what we do. 

aiOla is a speech-driven AI platform that turns language into action. Using the power of AI paired with other technologies like machine learning (ML) and natural language understanding (NLU), aiOla has built a platform that can understand speech with deep precision in order to both collect otherwise lost data and automate workflows for safer and more streamlined operations. 

Organizations across several industries can benefit from aiOla’s platform by applying it to their existing workflows, enabling teams to work alongside a powerful AI system that turns their words into actions. For example, employees can complete inspections visually and verbally in a matter of sections, and management can use aiOla to analyze speech on a manufacturing floor to predict essential maintenance and to make informed business decisions.

Without a platform like aiOla, these teams are left to complete manual tasks, costing companies extra time and budget. Not only that, without a speech AI platform, employees need to be a lot more hands-on during processes that may involve certain physical risks, leaving a company more exposed to ongoing safety issues. Finally, aiOla gives organizations insights into a new type of data, speech data, that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise through traditional insight-gathering tools, opening the door to a potential wealth of data analytics opportunities.

Our Mission: Enhancing Efficiency with Speech AI-Powered Technology

Our mission is to enable businesses to work more efficiently, safely, and collaboratively using speech-powered technology, such as speech AI, that understands industry-specific jargon and language. With a focus on traditional and critical industries and verticals, our first-of-its-kind speech AI technology empowers any sector to do more without having to add more resources.

For example, in food manufacturing, aiOla can be used to help handle equipment and machinery inspections, packaging, distribution, and supply chain logistics. With aiOla, logistics and food manufacturing teams can:

  • Decrease inspection time
  • Improve quality control
  • Streamline operations
  • Meet safety compliance regulations
  • Gather data analytics
  • Better document workflows

In terms of supply chain logistics, aiOla can aid with operations management, supervision, internal control, and pallet logging, to name a few use cases. 

aiOla’s Unique Blend of DLMs, ASR, and NLU 

Since more than 50% of processes are completed using this very specific vernacular (that is highly dependent on each business and industry respectively), it was due time for a technology to be able to understand it. Rather than utilizing large language models (LLMs), we’re focused on domain language models (DLMs) to give the power of speech its rightful place in each industry. 

Still, you may be wondering what makes aiOla so different from other regular speech AI technology that you’re used to, such as Siri or Alexa. aiOla’s unique and patented blend of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and (NLU) makes it possible to understand nuanced and business-specific vocabulary in any accent, language, and acoustic environment. 

Empowering Hands-Free Productivity

With aiOla, anyone can complete processes hands-free, more quickly, and with the utmost accuracy using just their words. Additionally, since aiOla can distinguish between regular conversation and business talk, previously unstructured and lost data can now be captured properly. 

As a result, businesses can access important information, insights, and recognize patterns to expedite issue resolution, prevent issues before they arise, and execute process improvement without having to disrupt or adjust their existing processes. 

We’re in Your Industry: aiOla at Work

Along with supply chain and food logistics, aiOla’s can be used as a solution across industries, including pharmaceutical, fleet management, logistics & warehousing, medical & healthcare, finance & insurance, aviation, automation services, grocery & CPG, and more. To get a better idea of how aiOla can be integrated across various industries, here are some examples:

  • Fleet management companies are using aiOla to cut down on vehicle inspection time and make work safer for drivers. Using a speech-activated platform, drivers can send updates entirely hands-free, keeping their focus on the road.
  • In food manufacturing, teams are collaborating more efficiently through data collection during preparation and inspections, decreasing time and resources spent on various workflows and increasing production uptime.
  • Aviation is another industry where aiOla can help teams streamline workflows, enabling ground crew teams to complete aircraft inspections visually and through speech AI while simultaneously allowing cockpit teams to complete safety protocols more quickly, thereby reducing delays and increasing safety.
  • In the healthcare sphere, aiOla is helping medical personnel verbally collect medical records, clinical documentation, and even surgical procedures and notes. This helps medical centers hold comprehensive records to remain compliant and put patient safety and care first.

Driving Informed Decision Making

With unified teams working across geographic locations and borders, stakeholders and business leaders receive a clear view of what’s going on during daily and routine tasks, which results in better decision-making capabilities. This is particularly necessary when it comes to supply chain logistics and operations management, where every tiny optimization can go a long way to improve profits, customer service, safety, and productivity. 

We’re extremely humbled and grateful to be recognized as a leader in this ubiquitous space! To learn more about how aiOla’s speech AI platform works in action, we invite you to watch this demo designed for food safety. 

Ready to put your words to work? Book a demo so we can show you how our speech AI platform can help improve your business workflows.

Convert Words Into Actions
With aiOla, your team can turn words into actions with little-to-no onboarding or implementation downtime.