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Breaking News: VentureBeat Reports aiOla Surpasses OpenAI's Whisper in Jargon Recognition!


The Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How Behind aiOla

Is the data you’re collecting from your business enough to implement meaningful change or make strategic business decisions? At aiOla, we think you’re missing out on a key source of quantifiable and structured data that’s been impossible to collect until now: speech.

With aiOla, companies will never lose out on essential data coming from everyday speech in their teams. No matter the language, accent, or industry jargon your team members use, enabling everyday workers to speak through workflows helps businesses create more efficient work processes and saves time.

We want to introduce you to aiOla, AI-driven technology that enables businesses to speak through workflows and operations, capturing data through speech. What does it do? How does it work? Keep reading, we’ll answer your questions and tell you more about aiOla.

Who is Behind aiOla?

aiOla's Management Team
Amir Haramaty and Guy Ernest, aiOla’s co-founders, have a dream to “democratize human intelligence through the power of speech.” Through aiOla, their dream is being realized.

Amir Haramaty (aiOla’s CEO & Co-founder), had been involved in AI technology for a number of years before founding aiOla, and he found that for it to be successful, AI had to be more connected to the public. This is where he decided to bring AI to the everyday worker, regardless of skill, within critical industries like food, health, logistics & transportation, aviation, energy, and others to bring quantifiable ROI at scale. 

To achieve this goal, Amir understood that the most important part of a successful AI infrastructure is data, which until recently, has mostly gone uncaptured or unstructured. For this reason, Amir decided to focus on growing AI in speech, as it offers a medium with an abundance of potential data that wasn’t yet tapped into.

Initially, we developed remarkable technology that helped salespeople gather post-meeting data and prepare for meetings, which saw significant success with Fortune 100 companies. However, as we observed the changing world and the unique combination of geographical and microeconomic factors, we realized that organizations would be compelled to differentiate between what is perceived as nice-to-have and what is a must-have. Consequently, we made the decision to apply our unique technology to critical processes where we could demonstrate quantifiable ROI at scale.

For instance, the food safety industry alone represents a $100 billion annual business, while the oil & gas industry reaches $4 trillion annually. We recognized that by empowering individuals at the core, we enable these essential industries to address critical challenges and achieve more with fewer resources.

Aside from Amir, our leadership circle is made up of industry experts boasting decades of combined experience in technology, AI, marketing, product, and more.

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, our leadership team is 57% female. We’re pretty proud of that.

What Does aiOla Mean?

And why is the O bigger than the rest of the name? Don’t worry, there’s a good reason. 

ai=artificial intelligence

O= the “O” in “aiOla” represents the never-ending cycle of continuous learning we’re dedicated to. We are an evergreen, ever-learning, ever-thinking intelligence machine

la= language

Each part of our name was meticulously thought out and represents our mission. Using AI, aiOla plans to continuously improve, grow, and learn to make our product even stronger at detecting data through language.

How Does aiOla’s Speech Technology Work?

aiOla’s proprietary and patented speech technology complements human intelligence and accurately captures speech in any acoustic environment, empowering businesses to increase productivity and save time. We’ve broken the speech barrier, accomplishing what was once impossible: automating workflows through speech in must-have industries, turning mission-critical tasks into structured data and quantifiable ROI. 

With a mastery of industry-specific jargon, fluency in over 100 languages, and the ability to discern any accent, anyone anywhere can speak through workflows to increase productivity and save time. By capturing otherwise lost data, businesses gain access to usable insights and enable cross-team collaboration.

aiOla’s technology is built on a customized model that combines Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Our platform uses a unique ASR model to capture speech and industry-specific jargon so that the accuracy of speech-to-text results is increased. With a higher level of accuracy, the aiOla platform can better predict your needs and then use NLU to understand meaning and turn spoken words into actions.

Why Is This Technology Important Now?

Businesses are looking to enhance and augment existing processes over disruptive changes, valuing continuous operations and seamless technology adoption. It’s all about working smarter and more efficiently while evolving without interruption. Efficiency is more important than ever, as companies try to do more with less in order to cut down on costs and resources. By augmenting human intelligence with speech technology, aiOla helps businesses do just that.

Thanks to the growing abilities of AI technology, the tools are now available to collect data through speech. aiOla is not voice or speech AI like others on the market, our technology goes far beyond that to turn your speech into quantifiable data. 

Industries that aren’t using AI to optimize their business procedures or become more efficient in their work risk falling behind the competition. We vow to make AI accessible for all skill levels, to empower your workforce to do more with less. We empower your team to utilize AI in a natural and intuitive way; speech.  

Where Is aiOla Used Today?

aiOla is a vertical solution that can be used horizontally across a wide range of industries, such as food manufacturing, fleet, aviation, oil and gas and more. Here are two examples of how aiOla is being used by companies today:

  • Food industry: Food inspectors are cutting down on the time they spend filling out forms manually, instead turning to aiOla’s technology to automate data collection. This is especially helpful for companies with branches or manufacturing plants in different locations as it streamlines workflows, cuts down on time, reduces human error, and makes processes more efficient.
  • Delivery and logistics: A Fortune 50 global delivery company is using aiOla to help its teams around the world complete their work faster and better. With aiOla’s technology, the company was able to cut down on a vehicle inspection process and bring it down to just a few seconds, enabling teams around the world who work in multiple languages to complete the same process quickly, preventing delays in service.

When Can You Start?

aiOla’s technology seamlessly complements existing processes, making the onboarding process incredibly simple. Our focus is on working smarter and more efficiently, allowing for continuous evolution without disruptive changes. With our AI-driven speech technology, you can create highly effective workflows that streamline operations, saving time, reducing costs, and minimizing errors. Additionally, this technology enables the collection of valuable data that informs strategic business decisions.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can speak productivity into action with aiOla.