aiOla Named Top Product in the AI & Data Category in 2024 Product Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that aiOla has been named as the top product in the AI & Data Category in the 2024 Product Awards. The 7th Annual Product Awards, presented by Products That Count, in partnership with Mighty Capital and Capgemini, is the only awards program that is dedicated to celebrating and shining a spotlight on the top Products across industries, technologies, and geographies.

Products That Count’s product manager network selects the nominees for the winners to be chosen by an independent Awards Advisory Board composed of top product leaders. Companies like Bank of America, Amazon’s Twitch, and S&P Global were all part of the Advisory Board this year.

aiOla's Product

This award reflects aiOla’s dedication to innovation and excellence. Our strategy is to develop must-have products for critical industries, turning mission-critical tasks into structured data with tangible ROI. At our core lies a vision to make artificial intelligence accessible to everyone, enhancing human capabilities with speech technology aimed at solving specific challenges across industries. Our commitment has been to create an AI solution that is not only powerful but also exceptionally user-friendly, moving beyond traditional paper-based methods to a more efficient, actionable approach to getting work done.

We’ve succeeded to do something no one else has: turning speech, in any language, business jargon, accent, and with any level of background or acoustic noise, into a means to enable users to accomplish tasks simply by speaking. aiOla has shifted the landscape for mission critical businesses by making operations safer, smarter, and more efficient. From aviation to pharmaceuticals, logistics and manufacturing to CPG, and everything in between, aiOla converts manual processes to streamlined, speech-driven workflows. While most speech-enabled solutions prove to be no more than 60% accurate in business settings, aiOla is designed for businesses, with its ability to deduce nuanced vocabulary, even when it is the first time hearing the keywords.

Additionally, aiOla captures otherwise lost and unstructured data from speech, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights to make informed decisions, resolve issues proactively, and collaborate across borders with ease. With neither an IT team nor learning curve required, anyone can speak through their automatically digitized processes with ease and rest assured knowing that aiOla can walk the walk as they talk the talk. 

Adi Kleiman, aiOla’s VP of Product shares, “We are honored to win this prestigious award and are grateful to see how aiOla is transforming global and Fortune 500 businesses for the better. And, the best part is– we are just getting started! Our team is focused on improving our technology, expanding our use cases, and continuously shaping how businesses can do more with words.” 

In the Founder and Board Chair of Products That Count, SC Moatti’s own words, “Great tools are the Product Manager’s secret weapon.” 

Read more about aiOla here.  If you’re interested in seeing how aiOla can work to improve your business and its productivity, we’re ready to talk!