aiOla’s Novel AI Model: Complete Jargon Understanding With No Training Required

In mission-critical industries, it can often feel like there’s not enough time in the day to get through workflows and seemingly endless task lists. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, your business is guaranteed to save time, boost efficiency, and cut costs. 

However, when working in highly specialized industries with specific use cases, general AI solutions won’t cut it. The need to train and customize them can end up costing millions, requiring specialized task forces, and taking up too much valuable time. All of this eats into your ROI. 

That’s why aiOla isn’t offering just another generic solution. No matter what industry you work in, we’ll showcase how aiOla is made to optimize your business’ productivity without challenge. 

The Words That Matter & The aiOla Difference

Over 50% of vocabulary used in businesses is business-specific jargon and acronyms. In order to complete tasks accurately and efficiently, both the people and the technology in use have to be able to understand these key terms. aiOla’s has broken the speech barrier with its proprietary speech AI model that transcribes domain-specific dialogue with utmost accuracy. 

aiOla’s new AI model was designed using breakthrough research in jargon detection and is able to instantly adapt to any business’ vocabulary without needing to be re-trained. This means that any business can implement aiOla and trust that the tool will be able to understand everything its frontline workers say, especially the keywords that are needed to transform speech into action. 

Importantly, aiOla can operate without fail in any acoustic environment, in over 100 languages, and any accent. So, even on the loudest manufacturing floors, frontline workers can speak through their checklists, and aiOla will capture the necessary words to complete workflows. 

Of course, there are other off-the-shelf speech recognition models, like OpenAI’s Whisper. aiOla has improved upon OpenAI Whisper by achieving a 45% increase in speech recognition accuracy when it comes to transcribing domain-specific vocabulary. 

If another tool wanted to accomplish this same feat, it would have to be trained intensively, with initial costs reaching hundreds of millions of dollars. Not only is that path expensive and time-consuming, but it requires specialized AI expertise to be able to execute. With aiOla, this capability comes standard. 

Tech Talk: How It Works

It may seem too good to be true, but the science supports its success.

It’s a two-step process: 

  1. Our advanced keyword spotting model detects the presence of specific terms initially
  2. This information is then applied to our Whisper-based model to augment its overall speech recognition capabilities and correctly detect the jargon words or terms

With the addition of a proprietary adaptive layer, aiOla’s adapter undergoes a one-time training to guide it in effectively utilizing a vocabulary of jargon. The model’s core capabilities of general-purpose speech recognition remain intact. After its adaptive layer is trained, the jargon vocabulary can be hot-swapped to the jargon of a different sector, achieving state-of-the-art performance in recognizing both industry-specific language and general speech.

 “For this use case, we decided to enhance the most accurate speech recognition model out there, OpenAI’s Whisper,” said Gil Hetz, VP of Research at aiOla. “However, you can apply this approach to any speech recognition model, including Meta’s MMS model and proprietary models, unlocking further potential to elevate even the highest-performing speech-to-text models.” 

The Proof is in the Use

aiOla has begun deploying this game changing technology in Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries, such as logistics, shipping, manufacturing, maintenance, and inventory control. It is able to offer services tailored to companies of any size while producing immediate, measurable ROI. 

Mitch Garber, Executive Chairman of aiOla, shares, “While text-based AI solutions are great for office environments, speech interfaces reign supreme for industrial settings because they seamlessly integrate into existing workflows and collect previously uncaptured spoken data. Today, aiOla is changing that by providing instantly tailored AI models that can understand the unique jargon of your specific industry, your organization, or even your team.”

The Bottom Line

With its innovative model architecture that leverages prompt guidance, aiOla effectively understands domain-specific jargon, enabling bespoke AI speech recognition systems with zero retraining. 

Using aiOla is like having an expert translator and efficient assistant who is able to immediately get to work and add value to your business without having to first be brought up to speed. By augmenting your human workforce, teams are able to complete tasks in less time, operate more safely, and leverage data-drawn insights to make informed decisions.

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