Introducing aiOla GEN3: A Pioneering Leap in AI-Driven Scalability

aiOla is proud to announce a groundbreaking product that’s set to redefine industry standards: aiOla GEN3. 

With this new technology, we’ll be able to help businesses scale with flexibility and efficiency by enabling them to build custom workflows based on training an AI model to their own processes. aiOla GEN3 can be applied to virtually any use case in just minutes and offers companies the power to innovate their approach to conventional business processes.

Let’s take a closer look at what aiOla GEN3 means for users and today’s AI-driven speech technology.

Understanding aiOla GEN3: Speech Technology for Today’s Business Needs 

At its core, GEN3 is tailored for businesses aiming to maximize productivity. It’s designed for companies who strive to do more with less, bridging the gap between conventional business processes and the modern digital era. Using the power of speech, employees can now effortlessly complete checklists, inspections, and operations. 

GEN3 is engineered to understand and act regardless of language, tone, accent, or even background noise. We’ve made giant strides in our technology implementation. While traditionally onboarding took months, with GEN3, it’s reduced to just hours. GEN3 is flexibility incarnate, enabling aiOla to implement our technology across any industry or vertical and onboard new use cases at unprecedented speeds.

Experiencing aiOla GEN3: Workflow in Practice 

How does aiOla bring the GEN3 experience to life? Imagine this: A worker opens the GEN3 app, specifically customized to align with the business’s needs and operations. They’re greeted with tasks tailored for them. As they navigate through, they can verbally complete checklists, and inspections hands-free. If a situation requires immediate attention, a quick snapshot and a voice note can pinpoint the concern, instantly alerting the necessary personnel via call, text, or email, as predetermined by the company. 

Once the task is complete, a comprehensive report is automatically dispatched to the manager. Every step, every task, and every voice note is all integrated into one seamless flow, making aiOla GEN3 a pillar of efficiency and innovation.

Introducing aiOla GEN3

Unveiling aiOla GEN3’s Core Features

To better understand how aiOla GEN3 enhances workflows and makes processes more efficient and innovative, let’s examine the different features that make up this exciting product.

  • Enhanced user experience: GEN3 offers an improved UI to reflect the updated voice widget, ensuring users can easily differentiate between standby and active listening modes.
  • Jargonic back office solution: Our new back office solution, Jargonic, guarantees a flexible item value system, straightforward use case onboarding, and AI model training initiation.
  • Event-based architecture: A robust foundation that supports any use case and ensures the effortless addition of item types.
  • Multimedia integration: GEN3 doesn’t only support voice, but also image utilization in workflows. Users can now easily add, select, edit, or even draw on images.
  • Metadata definition: Define metadata per flow, including mandatory and optional items and unique identifiers for each.
  • Localization: GEN3 supports multiple languages to better embrace global scalability.

The Essence of aiOla GEN3: Scale and Flexibility

As industry frontrunners, we’ve crafted something that hasn’t been achieved elsewhere. aiOla GEN3 isn’t just a product: it’s a revolution in flexibility and scalability.
With aiOla GEN3, our mission is twofold:

  • Scalability: We have tailored GEN3 to seamlessly support an expansive array of customers and use cases, ensuring consistent performance irrespective of volume.
  • Flexibility: GEN3 is crafted to accommodate any type of use case and facilitates the swift onboarding of new scenarios.

The aiOla GEN3 Onboarding Experience

Taking on a new use case with GEN3 is a breeze. Here’s what it looks like:

  1. The customer provides a workflow output example, which could be in paper or digital format, including completed values and potential synonyms.
  2. Using the example, the Jargonic definition is set, taking mere minutes to hours based on the intricacy of the workflow.
  3. AI models are trained to be influenced by Jargonic outputs. This step can span from hours to a couple of days for the initial model.
  4. The UI then comes to life, molded by Jargonic outputs and the defined workflow.

aiOla GEN3: Building the Future

GEN3 slashes the onboarding timeline, enabling a new workflow setup in mere hours and training an entire AI model from scratch within days.

At aiOla, we aren’t just keeping pace with the future, we’re building it. aiOla GEN3 is a testament to our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions. Dive in, explore, and be a part of the revolution. Schedule a call to learn more