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aiOla x Cloocus: Bringing AI Speech to South Korean Businesses

Welcome to a new way of completing work processes while speaking Korean!

We’ve joined forces with Cloocus, a prominent digital transformation provider, to introduce our innovative AI solutions to businesses and must-have industries in South Korea. 

This strategic alliance aims to blend aiOla’s cutting-edge AI platform, driven by speech, with Cloocus’s proficiency in digital transformation, data analytics, and cloud consulting. Together, we will provide transformative AI solutions tailored to South Korean enterprises, helping them streamline operations, boost productivity, and gain data-driven insights.

Bridging the AI Language and Speech Barrier 

Regardless of an organization’s digital journey, data quality is crucial for its success. Although speech is the most widely used form of communication, there have been natural hurdles to be able to effectively capture data out of spoken words. This is the case because of business-specific jargon, accents that are difficult to understand, intonation, and/or loud background noises. 

Where traditional AI has fallen short, aiOla has picked up the pieces. aiOla is able to adapt digital and paper processes into speech-driven systems in hundreds of languages, now including Korean. What this means for any business is that workers can simply speak through their processes using their preferred digital devices. aiOla will intensely listen for keywords and business-specific information to complete the workflow. All the while, key personnel get to keep their hands-free and eyes on the job, thereby maximizing safety, efficiency, and collaboration. 

“The world’s largest corporations are eager to implement cutting-edge AI capabilities, but doing so can be an immense challenge,” said Amir Haramaty, CEO of aiOla. “With aiOla’s intuitive and ready-to-deploy solution, enterprises can achieve immediate value and accelerate their AI adoption journey. We’re thrilled to collaborate with an industry leader like Cloocus to bring our technology to their network of clients, who can benefit greatly from integrating Generative AI into their workflows.”

Driving Innovation in South Korea

If you’re wondering why this partnership is such a big deal, keep reading… 

South Korea has emerged as a global hub of technological innovation and advanced AI capabilities. This partnership brings together two leaders in AI and digital transformation to drive the next wave of AI technology for South Korean businesses across electronics, automotive, shipbuilding, environmental technology, chemicals, and other industries.

Steve Hong, CEO of Cloocus shares, “aiOla’s speech technology is unmatched in its ability to streamline workflows and generate insights through natural conversation.” He adds, “Their platform can also quickly onboard new use cases within hours and easily scale as needed. We’re thrilled to offer their innovative AI solutions to our network of over 800 clients and equip them with leading-edge capabilities that maximize efficiency and productivity.”

Our partnership with Cloocus signals a new wave of AI accessibility for our global partners and clients. Cloocus was selected as Microsoft’s Partner of the Year for three consecutive years, winning the Top Partner in Data & AI at Microsoft Korean 2023 Partner Awards. It is the only company in the country with an elite partnership tier of Databricks. 

To learn more about our partnership with Cloocus, please read our official press release here. 

It All Starts with Words 

aiOla’s strategic partnership with Cloocus opens the door into a previously untapped region that has much to gain from speech-enabled AI. Given the rapid growth of key industry verticals within the region, aiOla’s speech-powered technology is a great fit to aid in reaching peak efficiency through streamlined, safer, and more connected workflows. Now, South Korean enterprises can leverage previously overlooked and uncaptured data to work smarter, not harder. 

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