Breaking: aiOla Surpasses OpenAI's Whisper


Breaking News: VentureBeat Reports aiOla Surpasses OpenAI's Whisper in Jargon Recognition!


aiOla's Speech Performance vs Open AI Whisper


While Whisper requires a minimum of 39M
parameters to achieve less than 70%
accuracy, aiOla only needs fewer than
half of those parameters to achieve 23.5%
greater accuracy.


Overall Accuracy



Overall Accuracy

Driven by Accuracy

Accuracy is paramount in speech, and this is where aiOla excels. Our accuracy lies in our patented keyword spotting that directs speech recognition to focus on your business’ criticalterminology.

Systems like OpenAI’s and Meta’s are trained on languages commonly found on the web, which lack specialized industry terms or include them with very low probability.

What’s the Difference?

aiOla’s research is focused on bringing AI to every industry by reliably detecting jargon words that are not commonly used in everyday language. Whereas major speech solution providers concentrate on broad language recognition, aiOla specializes in industry-specific keyword recognition and tailored jargon understanding.
”OpenAI and Meta have developed models trained on languages commonly used and encountered on the web. However, this language often lacks specialized terms, particularly those specific to various industries, and if it does include them, it's with a very low likelihood. Our objective is to adapt these models for each customer in a way that is both efficient and effective, aiming to achieve a very high level of accuracy in recognizing and understanding these specialized terms.”
- Professor Yossi Keshet, Chief Scientist

How It Works

aiOla’s cutting-edge language models and research detects keywords and guides automatic speech recognition models to understand unique jargon words, enabling our AI to focus on business related operations while ignoring everything else, successfully seperating the noise from the signal.

Example: In the fleet industry, “DVIR” stands for Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

If AI misunderstands this term, it fails to comprehend the most important part of the sentence, rendering the use of speech recognition futile. Similarly, in package handling, forgoing industry-specific terms like “cube” can disrupt the entire workflow.

aiOla knows all of these terms and more.

aiOla’s Unique Understanding


aiOla operates with your existing devices, data platforms, backend systems, and as-is processes and tech stack through nothing more than speech. aiOla will digitize your existing workflows for you.


We ensure all employees, speaking any language, can use aiOla’s technology while also generating reports in any language of choice. While aiOla is trained on a set of languages, its model can generalize to understand unknown languages without further training.


Unlike any existing solution, aiOla is trained automatically on specific industrial jargon, so its technology is usable in any scenario and business workflow. aiOla is constantly expanding and detecting keywords to guide automatic speech recognition to the next level.

Put Words to Work

aiOla speaks your business language and operates like an industry veteran allowing you to do more with less, connecting speech to impact and EBITDA