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Our team of dedicated professionals in Product, Data Science, Data Engineering, Analytics, Marketing, and Customer Success spans across Israel and the US, brings together passionate minds, distinguished experts and world-renowned specialists in the field of AI. With a wealth of collective experience, we are united by our shared ambition and relentless pursuit of excellence. Our unique culture is defined by our exceptional individuals who inspire one another, foster a collaborative environment, and create extraordinary solutions. Surround yourself with visionary thinkers and innovative creators who are deeply committed to making a tangible impact in everything we do. Join us in pushing the boundaries of AI, empowering human intelligence and embark on an incredible journey of continuous learning and personal growth.

We are looking for a Senior Support Engineer based on the East Coast who will be responsible for providing technical support and troubleshooting for customers. This may include answering questions, resolving technical issues, and providing guidance and assistance with product usage. The Senior Support Engineer will also be responsible for collaborating with other teams to improve product reliability and customer satisfaction. 

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Senior Support Engineer (East Coast)

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