At aiOla, we live by our mission - to bridge the gaps between Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence while connecting the “AI promise” for the masses. aiOla provides you with real-time, natural language ontology-driven, user-friendly, multi-sourced business insights, and intelligence on the go. With vital intelligence at their fingertips and fast access to everything they need to know when they need to know it, your frontline employees are supercharged for success.

Our growing team of Product, Data Science, Data Engineering, Analytics, and Customer Success professionals in Israel and in the US is composed of passionate, bright minds and uncompromising ambition, boasting hundreds of years of collective experience!

aiOla's unique culture is shaped by its people - with exceptional individuals, eager to learn from one another and create extraordinary solutions. Surround yourself with visionaries and creators, enthusiastic about generating a real impact on everything they do, and you will never cease to learn and grow. Join Us in Pushing the Limits of Human Intelligence!

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